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Big Story

Big Mouth Social is the brainchild of the dynamic duo – Anuj Agarwal and Aditi Agarwal. They are partners at home and in business, bringing their chemistry to work in many different ways! While one is a marketing genius, the other is a social media maverick. Together, they are building an empire of passionate, creative and smart professionals at their digital marketing agency in Pune. In the digital space where clutter is common, the couple offers powerful ideas for brands to stand out and make lasting impressions. As leaders, they are constantly enhancing the team’s productivity and creativity every day. Their ability to churn out impactful and powerful ideas and convert them into result-driven designs makes us an asset for any company that they partner with.

Over the last 5 years, Big Mouth Social has worked with many brands that have appreciated Aditi and Anuj’s fast turnaround time, innovative ideas, marketing solutions and unique insights. They are taking the term power couple to the next level in the digital marketing arena!