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hodl | trade | spend

simple | secure | compatible

the hardware wallet you’ve been waiting for

USB type C

monochrome ​OLED display

5 way joystick

micro UBS

lanyard hook

take control of your coins on your fingertips






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Mobile first design

vault e has been designed with mobile use as a ​priority. crypto should be available to you at any ​time.


a simple user experience is one of the core ​focuses of hodllabs and the design of vault e.

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by designing around simplicity and narrowing our ​focus on must-have features we are able to ​deliver a product that is both easier to use and ​secure.

multicurrency support

vault e currently supports bitcoin and ethereum. ​more coin coming soon

open source codebase

you don't have to rely on our word alone! the ​open source community is able to vet our products ​– offering you the peace of mind you deserve.


vault e is compatible with android, windows, mac, ​and linux enabling all users to store their crypto ​assets in vault e.

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product details

64 x 128px monochrome OLED display

5-way switch (Joystick)


USB type C & micro USB

for backwards compatibility


23 mm x 70.5 mm x 13.3 mm

(0.9 in x 2.7 in x 0.5 in)


2.25 gram ( 0.9 oz.)


android, windows, mac, lunix


private key, passphrase & pin

open-source & transparent


bitcoin, ethereum, USDC

key features

send, receive & trade

complete transaction history

dark & light mode themes

no battery | no charging hassles

mobile first design

what's in the box?

1. vault e hardware wallet

2. micro USB to USB cable

3. recovery seed card

4. start-up guide

5. hodllabs stickers

6. welcome coins

7. branded lanyard

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