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ESG Responsibilities


We understand the value of being an environmentally-conscious company and thus, follow digital processes as much as possible to save paper in our organization. We promote the ideology of sustainability and encourage our team members to lead a eco-friendly lifestyle as well.


Every communication that we send out in the market today makes an impact and we aware of this big responsibility. Thus, we create messaging that’s socially-aware and accurate. We’re very careful of the tone and voice we use for our clients and our own communication and cater to a socially conscious audience every day. We aspire to build more awareness and happiness in our society through every design we share in the digital and offline world.


Although we’re a local digital marketing agency, we work with global clients and thus, follow international standards of governance and compliance when it comes to communication. We have a specific ‘How We Do Business’ guideline and manual that helps us stay true to our foundation and values, and follow integrity and high standards of quality every day.